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I am a lifelong horsewoman. I began photography because I wanted to paint from my own images. Especially those of my flashy , dangerous horse "Magic". At the barn, I followed our horses around with my camera so much , they began to seek hiding places when they saw me with my little black box.

That led me to my first rodeo.

From that first "Cowboy Christmas" (July 4th) I was enthralled with the color, drama , action and values of the rodeo arena. Evident is a tough self-reliance and determination,  a genuine trust and belief in a Higher Power. A cowboy removes his hat upon greeting a lady. Rodeo  is  a "cultural oasis" in the modern age...They called me "Ma'am" (Well that took some getting used to...) I soon became a part of the extended rodeo family in my local area.There were buck-outs and jackpots nearly every week.

I earned my credentials  dug in and ducking clods of dirt at the edge of the arena.

I arrived early and stayed late, I fried in summer and froze in winter. I was sand blasted and rain soaked. From my new friends I learned to shoot the story and the action.

My work has since been published in a number of print magazines as well as online. I have had the honor of photographing events for Amarillo's Visitor Council... And at one time at least 800 of my 1600 facebook friends were using one of my images as a profile picture!

I travel extensively with my husband David. Last summer I stood shooting in the legendary photographer's pit at "The Daddy of 'em All" in Cheyenne Wyoming. I could not believe my good fortune. I am anxious to see what happens next!

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